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Our Lincoln office is our main hub as a company, although we also have a shop in Hull, in which another contigent of staff are working to provide our customers with the best service we can.

Not only do we have our shops open to the public, but we have our head offices and warehouse distribution centre at the same location as our Lincoln shop.

We thought it would be a good idea to introduce to our customers, who they are speaking with or who may be packing and processing their orders.


Tracey works in our admin department and is also one of our customer service representatives, helping customers on the phone and face to face.

Tracey is very friendly and welcoming, she strives to give customers the best customer experience she can.

Tracey also loves to bake at home.


Lesley is our longest serving staff member and has been at Greens for over 15 years.
As sales administrator her role includes processing orders and payments, whilst also assisting Claire in accounts.

Lesley is very friendly and in her spare time loves visiting interesting places around the country, especially spaces of historical interest.


Marie is skilled in every area the company operates in.

Marie is mostly focused in the main office and working in customer service. She also works on our internet orders and occasionally pops into the warehouse for a bit of fun driving the forklifts.

Marie is a bit of a tech whizz in the office and is always on hand when help is needed.


Claire works soley in the finance section of the business as our accounts administrator.

Claire is highly organised and efficient within the office.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing and Sales is a vital part of any business and has prodominently been managed by Jeremy, who has brought Greens from the idea stage, through to the success it is today.

Ethics and customer care is a top priority within this business and these are key values that we operate with across every area of the business.

Our marketing is managed in house with a range of people chipping in.


Jeremy is the managing director of Greens and is involved on a ground level with all aspects of the business, from the main office and customer service, through to advising on techinical information, giving demo's of all our products and visiting various shows in the region to demonstate the impact a water softener can have.

Jeremy is also very keen on the sales and marketing of the business.

Jeremy is a great point of information on all aspects of the business and is very keen on innovation development in the industry, responsible for creating a range of in house brands and products that our customers have a real need for.

Jeremy is the founder of the historical water softener appreciation society


Dave manages our Hull shop.

Dave is involved in all aspects of the business, including sales, marketing and product knowledge. Dave has brought a wealth of experience to the business, from his past employments and is the driving force behind our Hull presence.

Warehouse and Technical Team

Greens could not operate without our warehouse staff. They are responsible for your orders both from web purchases and those customer who buy direct through our shop.

They are a hard working dedicated team of professionals for whom Greens would not be able to function as well as we do without them.


Lee is our Technical Coordinator and Coordinates tasks, projects and employee's within the Technical and Warehouse teams. Lee has been with the business since leaving college after finishing a business intermediate course. Lee then joined Greens in 2002 and did three additional qualifications in Warehousing and distribution, Information Technology and then Customer services Level 3. With Lee's charm and whit there is never a dull moment
in the office.

Lee has a wonderful family he is very proud off and is a keen gamer.


Mel is one of our experienced engineers and fitters for everything Water related. He is out every single day, visiting customers old and new, fixing all their servicing problems and improving water Quality in Lincolnshire and the Humber.


Reece is one of our up and coming superstars. He joined the business in the Warehouse department and has transitioned with training into becoming one of our technical experts within the company.
Reese is a keen gamer and loves cars.


Jordon is one of our Warehouse team apprentice's. Jordon is keen to learn a new trade and has just started with the Greens Team.

Our Mission

To improve lives by providing soft water solutions for comfort, economy and environmental reasons. To share our passion for helping people achieve the benefits of the best soft water products and services.

Our Vision

  • To provide products and services to customers in our local region by personal contact and visits, and also to serve those outside our area with superior on-line and logistic support.
  • To understand our customers needs, to correctly match products and services to those needs, and to innovate and commercialise new products and services.
  • To extend our reach through marketing, networking, exhibitions, talks and on-line.
  • To foster word of mouth recommendations and referrals by delivering sensational results.
  • To enhance understanding throughout the potential customer base regarding the benefits of water softening.
  • To create a safe, secure, friendly and flexible working environment that respects and develops individuals, recognises their skills and encourages team working.
  • To uncover and maximise opportunities by developing and implementing robust processes.
  • To grow in a sustainable manner.

Our Values

  • High moral, ethical and environmental standards
  • Excellent customer service
  • Integrity and authenticity
  • Trust
  • Fairness to all stakeholders
  • Respect and mutual support
  • Efficient processes
  • Diligence and tenacity
  • Energy and enthusiasm

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