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Servicing information

Greens have a fantastic record of retaining and working with our customers, year after year.

This means that we provide a full repair and maintenance services for all our customers. A free health check may flag up some possible issues with your filters or softeners and a service will hopefully keep your water systems, running clear, year after year.

No matter what your need, we can help with anything from replacingment filters, to a full refurbishment at our Greens servicing bay, here at the shop. No matter how large or small the job needed, we can get the job done.

Greens also offer free training to any plumber, wishing to learn more about fitting and servicing water softeners. We are the guys your plumbers go too, when they are not sure how to solve a problem.

Rest assured, you can trust Greens with your water system needs.
contact us for a service

Or contact us direct

We are available over the phone, by email or direct at one of our shops.

Greens Water Systems
Longacre Business Park
Westminster Road,
North Hykeham

Phone: 01522 509383
Email: info@water-systems.co.uk

Greens service Quooker too!

At Greens, our technicians are highly qualified and experienced with all manner of water filter, softener and boiling tap servicing.

As your local water experts in Lincolnshire and the Humberside, we can offer a 5* service for your Quooker, but at a cheaper local rate.

Enter your details into the service request form and note your Quooker model and age when contacting us.

Interested in purchasing or discussing the benefits of a Quooker instant boiling tap in your home?
Quooker run best when on soft water, as it prevents the limescale clogging up your tank and filter. Own a Quooker but not a water softener?

Get in touch for a free demonstration and look inside your Quooker, to show you the difference a water softener could make to your Quookers life span. Head here for a free consultation.

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