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Customer testimonial video's

Thank you for accessing our customer testimonials. Instead of reading all the information we have prepared, hear it straight from our past customers.

Greens has grown in success, because we focus on customer service, above and beyond anything else.
We want to make things as simple as possible and make you happy.

Here are what some of our customers think.
(keep checking back, as we are in the process of filming more testimonials currently)

Washingborough Hall - Washingborough, Lincoln.

Edward Herring from Washingborough Hall, discusses how a water softener in his hotel is non negotiable. Guests expect pure luxury and having soft water, ensures that for all his guests.

Mr Noone - South Lincolnshire

Mr Noone discussed how he has found Greens and why having a water softener is important to him and his family.

Mrs Sprakes - Hull

Mrs Sprakes discusses the impact a water softener has had on them and some of the changes that have occured, including how surprised she was at the remedial effects it has had already, on existing limescale in their home.

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