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Selling to Greens Water Systems

Greens Water Systems are a small specialist company with a focus firmly on meeting the needs of our customers. We don't have a dedicated purchasing department, and have limited resouces available for contact with suppliers. However, we recognise the importance of establishing contact with prospective new suppliers of the products and services our business needs. Please follow the guidelines here in order to make your contact with us as efficient as possible and to enable us to give your products or services the attention and consideration they deserve.

PLEASE don't contact us if you're offering any of the following:

  • Business rates revaluation services

  • Charity appeals and fund raising

  • Water Coolers

  • Web site promotion / search engine submission

  • European funding / grant finding services

  • Business Organisation membership

  • Photocopiers / Office Machines

  • Mobile phones / services

  • Domain name registration

  • Directory / Yearbook advertising

  • Disposal of used vehicles

  • Electricity / Gas / Phone services

  • Franking Machine supplies

  • Shares / Bonds / Investment recomendations

  • As sales professionals ourselves, we recognise that prospecting for new business is both time consuming and costly. Please save your time and money - and ours!
    A special word about Charity Appeals

    A special word about Charity Appeals

    We're sorry that we have to ask you not to contact us for charity appeals, although we're not the mean minded Scrooges that this may imply. We support Charities as much as we are able, but with limited resources, it's important that our efforts aren't diluted. We have chosen The Woodland Trust (www.woodland-trust.org.uk) as our nominated charity, and support their work in reversing the decline in Britain's Woodland Heritage.
    Stock Purchasing

    Stock Purchasing

    As you will see from our main site, we sell a wide range of products related to water treatment, but we're always looking for new and innovative ideas. We'd love to consider selling your product, especially if it meets at least some of the following criteria:
    Is it a new design?
    Would it appeal to customers who buy our existing products?
    Does it have innovative features?
    Is it an improvement on what we currently offer?
    Does it fit into our existing product portfolio?
    Is there a proven demand for it?
    Is it good value compared to similar products?
    Are there logistical advantages?
    Do you offer adequate spares backup, technical information and support?
    If you can answer "yes" to at least some of these questions, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

    Business equipment, suppliers and services

    A wide range of supplies and services are used within our business. Keeping up to date with developments in products, services and technology is important in order to ensure we remain effective, productive and competitive and we rely on suppliers to help us do this. Your product or service is more likely to be appropriate for us if you can demonstrate how it would help us achieve any of the following compared to our current arrangements:
    Increase our level of customer service
    Save time
    Reduce overheads
    Increase productivity
    Benefit the environment
    Suppliers of products and services to small business often operate in an extremely competitive market, especially in certain sectors. There are several areas, for example Office Stationary, where we are not planning to review our purchasing policy for a considerable time. For further information about our requirements for specific goods or services, please contact us.
    By far the best way to contact us initially is by email to info@water-systems.co.uk giving brief details about your product or service and why you think it may be of interest. Also include, if possible, a link to your web site. Please don't send any email attachment, multiple messages or add us to any mailing list. Email spam is automatically deleted unopened. Alternatively, send brief written details to us by post to:

    Greens Water Systems
    Longacre Business Park
    Westminster Road
    North Hykeham
    LN6 3QH
    United Kingdom.

    Initial information should ideally be no more than a couple of sheets of paper. We will carefully review the information normally within 10 days, and if appropriate, we'll contact you to request more details, and to open a formal dialogue. Please avoid phoning us until after we've contacted you. If you don't hear from us, please be assured that we value the information you sent, and the trouble you've taken. Unfortunately though, your offering is not appropriate to us at this time.

    How not to contact us!

    If you're a prospective new supplier, please don't make your initial contact with us by phone or unsolicited fax. And definitely not on our Freephone Sales Number! Always use email or post instead. We don't have resources or procedures to handle inbound calls other than to our Customer Service Agents. If you ignore this advice, our staff are instructed to simply refer you to this web page and terminate the call as quickly as possible.
    If you're an established supplier please think twice before phoning unless it's urgent - why not email instead? It's important for us to keep our phone lines as free as possible in order to offer the high level of service our customers have grown to expect. You could prevent a customer buying one of your products!
    Thank you

    Thank you

    Thanks for taking the time to read this page. We hope that your product or service proves suitable for us, and that a long and mutually beneficial business relationship develops.

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