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Tapworks AD11 Volume Control Softener

Tapworks AD11 Volume Control Softener

Ref: 010020

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The Tapworks AD11 is the new updated replacement for the popular Tapworks AD10 - a favourite with plumbers and installers with easy set-up and commissioning. Advanced electronics including the Genius Chip make it efficient on water and salt usage, and the rotary valve means it's robust and reliable. It is easily accomodated in a standard kitchen cupboard, and will happily stand on the plinth and still fit under the worktop. At the upper end of the budget range, Tapworks is economical to buy and run, with some features only found on more expensive models.

Softener comes with 22mm push-fit bypass module with 500mm high flow hoses.

Price: 495.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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